Some Good Gardening Advice



Some Good Gardening Advice:

Yearn not for a body free of disease and suffering, because having pain
and becoming sick is an inevitable part of being alive and having a body..

Wish not for a life free of mishaps and obstacles, because without them
one tends to become, narrow-minded, neglectful, arrogant and egoistic..

Pray not for a quick shortcut fix regarding spiritual introspect, because
without serious effort, one becomes a short-and-shallow surface-glider.. 

Fear not the haunting disturbance of evils, while accumulating good merit,
because without them one's determination does not grow steel strong..

Hope not for easy success in one’s work, because without difficulties
and failures, one tends to undervalue others and become overly proud. 

Build not relationships on selfish gain, because a friendship based on the
purpose of gaining profit has lost its genuine good meaning, and function! 

Look not for a universal agreement regarding one’s "own" personal opinion,
because complete adoption to a single rigid view will produce intolerance..

Expect not repayment, appreciation or reward for benevolent services,
because calculation and expectation contradicts true altruistic service.

Engage not irrationally into profitable attractions, because jumping too
quickly into temptation may well blind rational attention & true wisdom.

Stir not at being victim of injustice, because keenness to clear reputation
belongs to an ego clinging in panic to the imagined idea of my superior self.

In brevity:
-          Consider disease and suffering as medicines to the body and life
-          Use mishaps as a means of self-liberation
-          Treat obstacles as enjoyable challenges
-          Greet haunting bad-lucks as good companions
-          Consider difficulties as life enjoyments
-          Thank bad friends as helping you in self-adjustment
-          View unpleasant dissidents as friendly entertainment
-          See favours as merely unimportant sandals plentiful to dispose
-          Regard disinterest in temptations as an honourable achievement
-          Employ injustice as an entry door to spiritual perfection.
-          Know that patience, tolerance and endurance is the highest praxis

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Good Mental Gardening creates Ease, Calm and Bliss...

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Have a nice & noble day!

Friendship is the Greatest!
Bhikkhu Samāhita _/\_ Sri Lanka ] 

Good Gardening! 

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