The 5 Aggregates of Clinging
and the Similes


What are the 5 Burdens we Cling to?

I: There is the cluster of clinging to Material Form and Body (Rūpa):

All matter should be regarded as a lump of froth, because it will not endure existence.

The cluster of clinging to form is like clinging to a sick-room, since it will contain the sick and dying human being, one inevitably will develop into ...

The body and all external form is like a prison, since it locks one up in the painful samsaric process of repeated rebirth, ageing, sickness and death!

Form is like the dish the process of being is served upon, yet all material phenomena is impermanent, because of their inherent rise and fall.

II: There is the cluster of clinging to Feeling (Vedanā):

Feeling is like a water-bubble, because it can only be enjoyed for an instant!

Bodily painful feeling and mental unhappy feeling is like the sickness because it afflicts and torments.

Feeling is the punishment beings meet in the prison, caused by disadvantageous kamma having been performed and accumulated.

The consequent effect: Pain is like the food of existence, one just has to eat.

III: There is the cluster of clinging to Perception (Saā):

Perception of any sense experience is like a mirage because it causes illusion.

It is like the provocation, that causes disease, since it gives rise to the feeling associated with any sense experience, which very often is accompanied by greed.

Experience can be likened to a spicy curry sauce poured over the food of being.

Perception is like the offence, that brings & holds one fixed inside the prison.

No experience can ever be controlled and is thus neither me, mine, nor any self.

IV: There is the cluster of clinging to Mental Construction (Sankhāra):

Mental construction is like a banana palm trunk, because it has no solid core ...

Mental construction is the server of the food of the distressing and excruciating feeling.

Mental construction is like returning to what is unsuitable because it is the very source of any painful feeling.

Mental construction is thus the punisher in the prison.

Since its formation cannot be fully managed, governed or commanded it is no-self!

V: There is the cluster of clinging to Consciousness (Viāna):

Consciousness is like a trick, because it deceives by conjuring up a void appearance.

Consciousness is the eater of the food of painful suffering inherent in existence!

Consciousness is like the offender since it is the entity that is tortured by feeling.

Though captivating it lasts only a single moment and will never return as the same...

Whatever one loves and cling to inevitably becomes both a burden and a Prison!

Collectively these 5 clusters of clinging is like an enemy with drawn sword who will
kill you again, they should be seen as a burden beings wander carrying on in samsara, and a devourer and serial killer who will kill & devour any poor being repeatedly by dragging him through an endless series of rebirth, ageing, sickness and death ...

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