The 8 Deliverances
(Attha Vimokkha)


The 8 Deliverances (Attha Vimokkha):

The Blessed Buddha Once said:
Bhikkhus: There are eight deliverances. Which are these?

1: Experiencing forms on own body, one visualizes these internal objects, as if they were external, outside of one, (e.g. an organ, bone, or tooth, etc).
This is the 1st deliverance.

2: Experiencing external objects one perfectly visualizes these outer forms,
as if they right in front of one's eyes. (e.g. a pond, a mountain, or a galaxy).
This is the 2nd deliverance.

3: Experiencing any form, one visualizes these as perfectly stable & fixed
images, and visually assured one thinks: Oohh This is exquisitely beautiful!
This is the 3rd deliverance.

4: Through complete transcendence of experience of form, with the passing away, and silencing of all sensory reaction, without giving attention to any
experience, any difference or any diversity whatsoever, entirely absorbed on only the infinitude of space, one enters & dwells immersed in the subtle sphere of infinite space...
This is the 4th deliverance.

5: By transcending this infinitude of space, now singularly aware that also
consciousness is infinite, one enters and dwells immersed in that infinitude of consciousness!
This is the 5th deliverance.

6: By going beyond this infinitude of consciousness, now concentrating on voidness, one enters and dwells immersed in this empty, vacant, absent void
of nothingness... This is the 6th deliverance.

7: By thoroughly leaving behind even this open vacuity of void nothingness, one enters, and dwells immersed in the exceedingly subtle & stilled state of neither-perception-nor-non-perception.
This is the 7th deliverance.

8: By transcending even this subtle neither-perception-nor-non-perception, one reaches the ultimate ceasing of sense experience, ending all perception
and ending all feeling!
This is the final 8th deliverance...

These 8 states, Bhikkhus, are the 8 kinds of mental deliverance...

Unfolding Progressively Subtle Deliverance!

More on these supremely sublime mental states:

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