No Substance exists 'out there',

nor any Subject 'in here'!



No Substance exists 'out there', nor any Subject 'in here'!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
In the seen is merely the process of seeing...
In the heard is merely the process of hearing...
In the sensed is merely the process of sensing...
In the thought is merely the process of thinking...
So knowing, you will not be connected 'with that'...
So disconnected you will not be absorbed 'into that'...
So neither 'with that', nor 'within that' you are not 'by that' sensation!
When there is no 'You' inferred or conjectured by that very sensation,
then 'You' are neither 'here', 'there', 'both', 'beyond', nor 'in between'.

On realizing the importance of this incident the Blessed One exclaimed:
Where neither solidity, fluidity, heat nor motion find any footing,
there no sun, moon nor star ever shines. There is neither any light,
yet nor is there any darkness! When the Noble, through stilling of
all construction, through quieting of all mental formation, directly
experiences this, then is he freed from both form & formlessness,
then is he released from both pleasure and pain ...

There is no-one 'who' senses, nor is there any 'substance' that is sensed,
even though the process of sensing occurs! Seeing is just a selfless event
of contact between the eye, the object & visual consciousness. Neither is
any 'person', nor any 'observer' involved nor inferred just by this seeing!
No subject or 'I' is thereby created, just because there is an object, or
just because there occurs the impersonal, automatic process of sensing...
Sensing itself, thus neither create any object, nor any subject, just as a
camera - though making an image - neither creates the object, nor does
the camera create the photographer! Thus can neither any 'substance',
nor 'reality out there' per se be ascribed to neither object, nor subject:
Just because there is a picture, one cannot by that in itself infer or even
ascribe any existence to neither the object, nor the picture-maker! Both
may actually be artificial, or of past existence and not real anymore ...
The fact that there is an image projected, does not per se imply, in or by
itself, that any-one actually is 'looking in' or 'is behind' the camera
'By that' perception no 'perceiver' is thereby instrumentally present or
created... So the 'personal entity' we assume, suppose, deduce, expect &
believe to enjoy our experience, is merely a mental construct, an habitual
idea, a concept, & not a reality... The passive impersonal process of sensing,
perceiving and experiencing cannot thereby be 'instrumental' for neither
creating, nor inferring any 'being in existence'. The fact of this enigmatic
yet fundamental 'selflessness' is far the most essential core of the unique
Buddha-Dhamma... Outmost important to grasp, yet subtle, counterintuitive
and thereby difficult & somewhat 'nasty' to comprehend. Please keep on
trying, since this central Anatta doctrine is the opener, releaser & freer
of any mind. No-one is 'inside' the conditions that arise, cease & pass by!
Being hopelessly in love with an imagined idea of 'I=EGO' & 'World=Real'
is both fatal, tragic and sardonically comic... Hehehe ;-)

Source: The Udana Inspirations by the Buddha: I - 10

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No Substance exists independently of Mind!

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