The illustrated life of the Lord Buddha!   (if it is to slow, click here)

The Devās request the Bodhisatta in Tusita Heaven to descend and become a Buddha.

Mahāmāyā dreams a white elephant enters her side during the conception.

King Suddhodana and the Brahmin soothsayers examines the newborn Bodhisatta.

The Seer Kāladevala also called Asita explains that the
Bodhisatta will become Buddha.

The Bodhisatta meditates during his father's plowing festival.

The Bodhisatta uses his arching skills to win his future wife Yasodharā Rāhulamātā.

The Bodhisatta sees the 4 signs: An old, sick & dead man and a calm wandering recluse.

The Bodhisatta observes his dancing girls & realizes the vanity and depravity of luxury.

He decides to leave his wife and newborn son Rāhula and become a wandering recluse.

He leaves his palace at night on his horse Kanthaka followed by his driver Channa.

He crosses the river Anomā, cuts his topknot, throws it up, where Sakka catches it.

Gotama then strives and starves himself for six years without result. The 5 leaves him.

The maiden Sujātā offers the last milk-rice meal on the morning of his Enlightenment.

The Buddha throws the plate into the river Nera˝jarā, where Nāga Mahākāla hears it.

Gaining the 6 higher powers he sees the rebirth of beings and recalls all his prior lives.

He is indifferent to the temptations of Māra's 3 daughters: Rāga, Tanhā and Aratī.

Under the Ajapala-nigrodha banyan tree Buddha spent a week cross-legged in Jhāna .

The Mahābrahmā Sahampati requests the Buddha to open the doors to Deathlessness...

The Nāga King Mucalinda protects the fasting Buddha in 3rd week after enlightenment.

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