Everything has a Cause !

Nothing exists independently !



Profound & Wisely Ballanced Ontology:

            Buddha once explained existence as a chain of dependent emergence:

Some recluses & priests declare these excessively speculative views:
'Everything Exists'; which is the one extreme (Sarvastavadin Eternalism).
Other recluses & priests declare a just as hypothetical opposite extreme
view: 'Everything does Not Exist' (Sunyatavadin Annihilationism).
Avoiding both these extremes the Well-Gone-Beyond Buddha teaches
this Dhamma from the Middle:

When this is present, that also exists.
When this emerges, that also arises.
When this is absent, that neither exists.
When this ceases, that also vanishes.

From ignorance arises mental construction.
From mental construction arises consciousness.
From consciousness arises naming-&-forming.
From name-&-form arises the six senses.
From the six senses arises contact.
From contact arises feeling.
From feeling arises craving.
From craving arises clinging.
From clinging arises becoming.
From becoming arises birth.
From birth arises ageing, decay, sickness & death.
From ageing, decay & death arises Suffering!
This is the origin of this entire mass of Pain...
When ignorance ceases, mental construction stops.
When mental construction ceases, consciousness stops.
When consciousness ceases, naming-&-forming stops.
When name-&-form ceases, the six senses stops.
When the six senses ceases, contact stops.
When contact ceases, feeling stops.
When feeling ceases, craving stops.
When craving ceases, clinging stops.
When clinging ceases, becoming stops.
When becoming ceases, birth stops.
When birth ceases, ageing, decay, & death stops...
When ageing, decay & death ceases, Suffering stops!
This is the Disappearance of this entire mass of Pain...
This - only this supremely stilled silence - is Nibbāna!

Everything has a Cause: More on Co-Dependent Co-Arising (paticca-samuppāda):

More on Buddhist Ontology: What exists & how does it exist?

Existence is thus:
Neither a static substance out there, nor a mental illusion in here,
But a chain of dependent states arising and ceasing momentarily...



Everything has a Cause!

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